Research and development

The reputation of a company and the quality of a product must be sustained by meticulous analysis of the components that influence fashion in order to forecast and interpret the trends.

Research is the point of departure for each project:

from the social sphere – lifestyle choices and consumer behaviour – to monitoring the cultural, artistic and creative world; from the analysis and assessment of the reference market to technological aspects, product and process innovations and sustainability.

We research and develop innovative yarns, fabrics, textures and finishings with new concepts for collections that are tailor-made to serve international markets.

Our knitwear laboratory – fully equipped with the latest generation of machines – is a valuable and indispensable resource for testing new yarns and for the research of creative and innovative knitted swatches, plus the development and production of knitwear samples, garment prototypes and collections.

Shima Seiki technology – in all machine gauges – is supported by advanced programming for the development of both real and virtual samples.

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