Elementi Moda is the Italian strategic partner of CELC (European Confederation of Linen and Hemp).
CELC and Elementi Moda work closely to enhance the use of linen fibres, yarns, textiles and composites in fashion and design.
Our office in Milan hosts the LINEN DREAM LAB: a showroom and innovation platform for European Linen.
The LINEN DREAM LAB showcases a wide overview of the performance of flax fibres in fashion and design. It is an important reference and information point for producers, designers and buyers in the extensive world of the European linen.
Elementi Moda tracks new fashion trends and undertakes promotional activities, training courses at international fashion and design schools, as well as communication and organization of promotional events, specially dedicated to the European Linen.

AMO IL LINO is the campaign to promote the European linen developed every year by CELC and organized in Milano by Elementi Moda. It has its epicenter in the most prestigious boutiques and locations in the city. Through various activities (installations, dispays, in-shop promotion), the program aims to spread the knowledge about flax, eco-responsible fibre with European origin, and its many uses.